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Mark C. Thomann is the owner principal of Stuart | Jackson. Stuart | Jackson is a unique firm specializing in the protection and re-creation of historic floors through the preservation of America’s architectural heritage.  Mark’s passion is historical preservation; however, Mark’s business experiences have allowed him to become one of the flooring industry experts on the performance attributes of commercial flooring products.

With over 35 years of experience, Mark has an extensive manufacturing, technical services, sales, and marketing background in commercial textiles and carpets.  Mark has been responsible for the creation and implementation of several successful business strategies within the commercial flooring industry.  Mark has been involved in many industry-wide councils concerning the performance testing, construction, and environmental attributes of commercial flooring products.  Mark has been an industry and company representative to the US Green Building Council and various environmental protection agencies at both the state and federal level. 

While a passionate student of American history, Mark champions the preservation of American architecture and focuses on those types of initiatives throughout the historic preservation community.  Mark’s focus on historic floors has led to a very unique understanding of the historical significance of flooring products.  Mark is involved on a national level in preservation initiatives for the flooring industry with the US Department of the Interior, the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation as well as the American Institute of Architects Historic Preservation Committee, the League of Historic Theatres, and recently with Partners for Historic Places.

Mark is a certified instructor for the American Institute of Architects teaching courses on performance backing systems, performance testing, carpet constructions, environmental issues as well as the history of the American carpet industry.  Mark has been an industry member of both the International Facility Management Association and the International Interior Design Association.  Mark has lectured on woven carpet constructions and historical carpet textile patterns for graduate-level architectural and historic preservation programs at Columbia University, Rhode Island School of Design, Harvard University, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, and Brigham Young University.

Boston Opera House Lower Lounge
Mark Thomann, MHP 



Stuart|Jackson is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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Jack and Stuart 2010.jpg

Jackson & Stuart

Every company has some sort of story about how it was named. While I was tempted to name my company after myself, and I am extremely proud of the Thomann name, I realize it took me six years to learn how to spell and pronounce it. So, I turned to another source that happened to be sitting in my lap.

Stuart and Jackson are Chihuahua brothers from the same litter and were born on Christmas Day of 2007. Stuart is the traditional short hair Chihuahua and Jackson is the longhair. When Jackson fluffs his tail, it is magnificent as it blows through the air.

Stuart and Jackson are always looking out for one another. They are inseparable friends. Their inquisitiveness is a trait I want within my business; I always want to challenge the obvious and push myself and clients to find the best solution for their challenges. As a company, we are always watching our client’s backs and looking for ways to protect their investment in flooring materials. Our client’s don’t need to be experts in flooring because they have us to run interference and help to find a workable solution.

Like Jackson, we have never seen a flooring challenge we did not like to solve. Moreover, like Stuart, most of those solutions have been learned by experiences – both good and bad.

- Mark Thomann

"The truth about naming my company is simple.

I named it after my two Chihuahuas Stuart and Jackson."

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